The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering
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Environmental engineering is about the impact studies of the social and natural environment. It focuses on the impact of civil engineering on the environment and creates an effective balance between the two.

Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Jabu Mahlangu Chair & Council Representative +27 12 742 0100
Francois Marais Treasurer + +27 11 254 4800


Promoting expertise in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering, and working with engineering geologists in the allied field of rock mechanics.
Rooted in African soil!


To promote co-operation amongst scientists and engineers, to encourage the interchange of knowledge and ideas, to disseminate the results of research work or innovative construction techniques in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering, and to foster the application of safe, economic, practical and modern geotechnical methods in South Africa. These aims are achieved by active participation in affairs of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, by assisting in the organisation of the regional conferences and symposia, by arranging meetings throughout the year at various centres in the country, as well as educational courses for practising engineers, and the publication of a newsletter. Close ties are maintained with engineering geologists as well as those specialists in the allied field of rock mechanics.

Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Nicol Chang Chair and Council Representative +27 11 531 2715
Trevor Green Secretary +27 87 806 2880
Heather Davies Treasurer, Supporting Members, Sponsors +27 12 421 3500



To promote the science and art of the use of electronic computers in the field of civil engineering by the dissemination of information relating to electronic computational procedures and apparatus, and by holding formal and informal meetings relating to these subjects.

Name: Designation: Tel:   Email:
Peter Webb Chair +27 11 803 8834 +27 83 266 7526
Bill Jones Vice Chair +27 11 798 6000 +27 82 454 7520
James Anafi Treasurer +27 11 886 6951 +27 73 995 2228

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Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Hylton Macdonald Chair & Council Representative +27 11 779 2805
Andy Griffiths Vice Chair +27 11 236 3300
Alain Jacquet Secretary: Communications & Members Data Base +27 11 447 1027
Michael Cullen Treasurer; Sponsors; Supporting Members F 0866 16 5696
Andrew Baird NEC Specialist +27 11 803 3008

Working together to look after the interests and development of structural engineers both in South Africa and internationally.


To advance the theoretical knowledge and practice of structural engineering, to encourage the improvement of standards and techniques, and to enhance the standing of this branch of the profession.

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Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
AJ Smith Chair +27 31 765 5990
D Nash Vice-Chair +27 11 787 6194
M Visser Treasurer; Sponsors; Supporting Members +27 79 871 4542

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Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Jonas Tshikundamalema Chair +27 15 297 7797
Tim Staples Vice-Chair, Bridge Building & Treasurer +27 11 344 0269
Zukiswa Mvoko Secretary , alt council rep +27 71 034 8465
Ashwin Mohanlal Communications & Members Data Base +27 11 637 6110
Hamish Riddet CPD; Career Guidance, Action Cricket
and SAICE Marketing
+27 11 637 6371
Werner Jerling Ex-Acting Chair & Council Representative +27 11 552 4011
Malcolm Pautz Ex-Chair 2009/2010, EB Representative +27 11 294 3474
Ntsoli Maiketso Dispute Resolution/Procurement +27 12 683 1200
Greg Skeen Website & Communication +27 82 374 5551
Neville Gurry SAFCEC Representative +27 11 409 0905


The planning, design, construction and maintenance of facilities for transport by railways, harbours and pipelines.
Keeping you on track and afloat!


To advance and expand the science and practice of civil engineering in the provision and maintenance of facilities for transport by railways, road and motor services, harbours, airways, and pipelines, and to promote the civil engineering profession in the above field. This is pursued by the holding of meetings, site visits and social gatherings.

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Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Gert Ludick Chair +27 11 878 7166
Jackie vd Westhuizen Vice Chair 27 11 82 376 0959
Chris Norden Treasurer +27 11 773 8872
Gert Ludick Council Representative +27 11 878 7166
Esme Steffen Secretary +27 11 849 8786

Planning, design and safe operation of highways, roads, airport runways, streets and their relationships with adjacent land and other modes of transportation. Keeps you moving!


To advance the study, knowledge and application of engineering dealing with planning, design and operation of highways, roads and streets, their networks, terminals, abutting land and relationships with other modes of transportation.

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Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Madeleen Engelbrecht Chair & Council Representative +27 11 218 7652
Marius Kruger Secretary; Members Data Base +27 218 7634
Christo Bester Treasurer; Sponsors; Supporting Members +27 21 808 4377
Lynne Pretorius Treasurer +27 21 685 0350


The promotion of the art and science of water engineering. This is achieved by the dissemination of information, by the publication of hydraulic engineering papers, reports and articles by the holding of meetings and symposia and by the organisation of visits to works of hydraulic engineering interest. The division also seeks to promote hydraulic engineering research and to encourage students to study in the field. The division furthermore interacts closely with the South African National Committee of the Engineering Committee for Oceanic Resources in promoting coastal engineering.

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Name: Designation: Tel: Email:
Kevin Pillay Chair & Council Representative +27 11 566 8305
Fanie van Vuuren Vice-Chair +27 12 420 2438
Debbie Besseling Secretary +27 84 371 7190
Ken Haumann Treasurer +27 11 566 8300

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