The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering
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SAICE Civil Talk is SAICE's flagship in-house event that deals with the most relevant topics affecting the civil engineering industry. The purpose is to inform and educate, and to provide a forum where opinions can be heard and feedback provided.

Industry leaders, politicians, philosophers and engineers are invited as guest speakers on the relevant topics that influence the country. Through communication, controversial issues could be tackled – from corruption to racism to opportunities in the industry in South Africa. Engineering and engineering-associated business leaders, politicians, government officials and interested and affected parties attend.

This event encourages individuals to give their thoughts and opinions on the relevant issues at hand.

SAICE Civil Talk, Identification of Engineering work: Left to right: Manglin Pillay (SAICE Ceo), Nazir Alli (SANRAL CEO), Prof Hu Hanrahan (Wits University) (Special Consultant to ECSA), Prof Elsabé Kearsley (University of Pretoria, HOD Civil Engineering), Dr Ron Watermeyer (SAICE President 2004).

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