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Why are we members of SAICE? What do we get for it? Many of us keep up our membership because it is the right thing to do and because there is a certain status attached to it.

However, it seems that most of the members of SAICE are not even aware of the vast number of things that SAICE actually does for its membership.

It is important to note at the outset that SAICE is an organisation for its members, by its members.
If you are getting nothing from SAICE, it is probably because you do not employ the organisation to your own benefit. If you have a particular need, a number of your colleagues out there probably have the same need. Get together with them and encourage SAICE, through its local branch, to address that need. All you have to do is to get involved and make it happen.

What does SAICE do for me?

This first article aims to offer you a list, albeit inconclusive, of the benefits that your Institution, the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, provides for you.

Liaison with government:

  • Promoting civil engineering as a profession with local, provincial and national government to improve SAICE members’ future employment prospects
  • Liaising and lobbying with government
  • Creating industry partnerships with government
  • Nominating representatives onto statutory bodies and other government bodies and committees

The SAICE journal:

  • Promotes technical leadership and keeps members informed of latest developments in civil engineering science and practice through the publication of peer-reviewed papers
  • Provides access to well-researched solutions for local technical problems by peers
  • Provides opportunities to members to submit technical papers for publication

The monthly SAICE magazine:

  • Keeps members informed with news and information regarding technical and other developments within the civil engineering industry
  • Keeps members informed regarding civil engineering developments on national, local and provincial government levels
  • Keeps members informed about what is happening within the Institution
  • Provides members with a vehicle to share viewpoints, technical articles and other information with peers while also gaining knowledge from those peers

Networking and mentoring:

  • Opportunities are provided to members to network with other civil engineering professionals, to share knowledge, and debate issues, thereby enhancing their own careers
  • Access is provided to the civil engineering skills pool consisting of peers and senior members of the profession for active liaison and meaningful interaction
  • Opportunities are provided to members to contribute to the civil engineering industry
  • Opportunities for social contact with fellow civil engineering professionals are arranged

Continuing Professional Development:

  • SAICE branches and technical divisions arrange courses and events where members have the opportunity to update their engineering and managerial knowledge and skills
  • Opportunities are arranged where members are exposed to new and state of the art industrial and engineering products and services


  • SAICE promotes technical excellence through project awards within branches and divisions, as well as at national level
  • SAICE promotes the status of civil engineering practitioners through liaison with government, industry and other professions
  • SAICE promotes excellence at tertiary institutions by rewarding academic excellence
  • SAICE provides the opportunity for recognition by peers through promotion to fellow membership
  • SAICE provides recognition of service to the profession through its prestigious awards


  • SAICE represents members’ interests on statutory organisations such as CIDB and ECSA
  • SAICE represents members’ interests on professional and industry bodies
  • AAICE represents civil engineering interests on technikon and university accreditation panels


SAICE provides the opportunity to develop members’ leadership and social abilities

  • SAICE provides exposure to issues concerning the engineering profession
  • SAICE creates a collective think tank on matters of importance to members
  • SAICE provides guidance to young members who want to register professionally
  • SAICE provides a platform for members to address issues that they feel strongly about
  • SAICE provides opportunities to influence a member’s career through links with other organisations, government and the general public
  • SAICE, through its international agreements and representation, ensures international recognition of the professional status of its members
  • SAICE is recognised as a learned society in the international sphere
  • SAICE promotes civil engineering to scholars through its annual bridge building competition, and through its career guidance programme, thereby encouraging interest in the profession among young people
  • SAICE provides bursaries to students studying civil engineering at universities and technikons
  • SAICE provides an annual calendar to its members
  • SAICE provides inputs in technical specifications and documents
  • SAICE provides an events database of numerous CPD opportunities and other professional happenings
  • SAICE looks after its members’ general professional interests

As you can see from the above, it is for good reason that some of our members had the following to say during a recent survey within the SAICE Council:
“Knowing that there is an organisation like SAICE that looks after my general professional interests - particularly in today’s changing world - provides security and peace of mind.”

“Being involved allows members to understand the industry and politics better and thus create better and more appropriate opportunities for yourself and your business.”

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